Top 3 Shih Tzu Groomers in Houston, Texas

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Akasha’s groomer recommendations… Based on her styles and cuts in her four years of life. I am VERY particular with where she goes. I ask a lot of questions and give them specific direction on how I want her hair cut. Don’t cut the bangs, eyelashes, or the face/beard, just trim. We grow all those out. I like Akashas ears short too. They look so cute like that. The space needs to be a safe and patient environment.


Photo credit: @BLDHTX (Akasha at daycare getting cuddles)


Akasha has been to The Best Little Dog House in Texas for daycare and a haircut. The people there are the good dog-loving people. They are active on Instagram and that for me sealed the deal. John the groomer is Fabulous! Akasha looked amazing.


Photo credit: @BLDHTX

802 W Gray St,
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 533-1117

Plus she was able to stay for daycare. When I talked to him about her he listened and even used the medicated shampoo I brought in when Akasha was having some skin issues. He was the only groomer at the time but I think they have recently hired another groomer.


9615 Yupondale Drive Suite C

Akashas first groomer ever was Paul at The Pet Barber. He’s the owner. She always walks out looking like a tzuperstar. They know how to cut shih tzu hair and are really good at the teddy bear cut ? I’ve only ever let Paul and Lauren cut Akashas hair. And Lauren only after I knew she was very familiar with Akasha after watching Paul. This place has multiple groomers in one room with dogs walking around. But it seems lo-key. They too get the Shih Tzu Culture Seal of Approval!


Photo credit: @BLDHTX


Photo credit: @LoveAkasha + @MarlaTrevino

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