• Thank you so much for the effort you put into making the Meetup fun and capturing such good pictures of our pups. Great and informative socials!

    Erica Ngo + Kimchee Houston, TX
  • The Shih Tzu Meetups are the perfect way to get your fix of fluffiness! Seeing all the other dogs’ cute faces always brightens my day. And my dog, Cashew, loves playing and getting attention from all the other dogs (and humans)! I also appreciate the wide variety of venues and events for the pups to play together.

    Kelle Kampa + Cashew Houston, TX
  • My shih-tzu, Jingle Belle, was fostered by Marla + Akasha. I fell in love at first sight and had to adopt her. This group and Marla have really helped me get more familiar with shih tzus. The socials are a great way for our shih-tzu community to have some fun in a group setting. I found meeting new people such a bright and sunny part of my experience that the memories made are priceless! The best advice for first-timers is to enjoy each dog and pet parent with an open mind; you might meet someone or your shih-tzu may just find a friend for life!

    Jenna Broadt + Jingle Yakima, Washington
  • We had an awesome afternoon. Brunch was great and our little friends enjoyed their visit. I loved the pictures, you have enriched the lives of our shih tzus! Thank you for a very interactive friendly social, our dogs loved it! This group has expressed in so many ways our love and respect for our shih tzus. If only we can learn from them and extend this love to our fellow man we could resolve all the world’s heartache!

    Barbara Granniss + Rocky Houston, TX
  • Definitely go to a Shih Tzu Social! The meet up we went to was so much fun, and the group was so friendly and made us feel so welcomed! Getting to meet so many new pups was so nice, especially since we follow a lot of them on Instagram! Teddy is an only dog-child, so it was great getting him in a fun social setting with dogs similar to his size/ breed, and knowing that their owners care so much for them was an extra bonus!

    We moved away from Houston shortly after our first meet up, but I always tell people there are only 3 things I miss about Houston: Torchy’s Tacos, the awesome dog parks, and The Shih Tzu Social group!!! Since we have moved, I kept up with the group outings and have wished that we could be there, because there are always fun activities like painting, brunching, Halloween pawties and general play times!

    Our favorite moment was getting to meet Akasha and Marla at the meet up! We had been following them on Instagram for a while and it was so fun to meet up in person! Since joining the shih tzu group, Marla has always been there to answer any shih tzu related questions, whether it is about fun things to do, grooming tips, allergy help, food help, etc. She never hesitates to help a fellow pup parent out!

    We have loved being in the Facebook group and getting to see other people’s dogs and see how much their pups mean to them! The shih tzu group is such a fun and welcoming group! Overall, we just love being a part of the group! They are also extremely welcoming to any pup (Teddy is a shitzu/bichon mix )

    Tara Schoonover + Teddy Baton Rouge, Louisiana