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Marla + Akasha

“I hate pet stories!”

Yes I really did say that many years ago. But I LOVE them now. If I can go from THAT to completely in love with my my Shih Tzu you know anything really is possible. And that is their power in this world. The power to soften our hearts.

I’m Marla, and Akasha is my Shih Tzu. We are the creators of Shih Tzu Culture. Akasha has been my inspiration and has taught me much about love and compassion. I now look forward to pet stories, and talking Shih Tzu all day long.

She’s opened up a world to me where we have been able to connect with so many amazing friends and fellow dog-lovers. Local AND Global. She is the catalyst and I am forever grateful for my cute and sassy little ball of fluff.

Back in 2015 we started hosting Shih Tzu Socials in Houston, Texas. I figured what better way to play with lots of Shih Tzus, explore our city, AND meet Shih Tzu parents who are as obsessed as I am.

When Akasha and I travel, we make sure to party in that city too. The socials are a way of life for us, and something that helps create connection and a support system for all of us living with Shih Tzus.

Imagine the perfect day out with your Shih Tzu…

You’re connecting with people you wouldn’t have otherwise ever met. Telling us about your Shih Tzu story. Showing everyone your pics, and watching them play with their new besties in a safe space.

You leave with a warm heart and a smile on your face. Your Shih Tzu had lots of fun and is now falling asleep on the ride home. These unique and creative socials feed you AND your tzu’s soul.

Now imagine 15+ years from now…

All the unique experiences and memories you have to look back on with your Shih Tzu. Knowing that you did everything possible to give them the best life. They are family.

You’re an inspiration, and the world needs more of you. Your heart. Your love. You can move people to want to do better, and maybe even foster and adopt a Shih Tzu of their own.

We are here to create connections, be present, and give joy to our dogs while they are here with us.

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As a BONUS you will get a FREE digital guide of The Perfect Weekend With Your Shih Tzu. (Expect our Shih Tzu University library to grow with super rad and helpful info for Shih Tzu parents).

You’ll also hear about where you can find Shih Tzu Socials. AND we’ll send you an EXCLUSIVE INVITE to our next VIRTUAL SOCIAL where we will bring in experts to show us some cool ways to make our lives with our Shih Tzus better. You can easily hang with us from your living room. (No worries, you do not need to be in Houston, Texas to party.)

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